A typical CPU has 1 to dozens of cores, but GPU have a few hundred or thousands of small cores.
Parallel data processing like this specialized computing cores available are used for graphics processing, These cores has an architecture suitable for parallel computing applications.

AI applications using these GPUs spread computing workload across multiple cores to accelerate computing speed.


For AI applications using GPUs, low system latency and fast data input / output are the most important. The common challenge of these APPs is the need to quickly move external data from sensors and other sources to the GPU.
By implementing RDMA, Wellsware Storage can increase data throughput by approximately 80% (7GB to 12GB / s) and reduce system latency by 60%.

Task Manager

In actual Wellsware RDMA operation, there is very little CPU utilization and network traffic because it bypasses the OS.
This reduces the computer overhead due to the high performance load on storage and frees up computer resources.

Wellsware RDMA Performance Certification

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